• Manufacturers of Fresh Deli Foods

    We supply fresh deli products to grocery stores across Western Canada

    Arbutus Ridge Farms foods are great for family meals
  • Our Goal ...

    is to continue to provide exceptional salads, dips, heat and serve entrées and sides to our retailers and to increase our lines by working with our customers to create new and exciting products
    for their consumers.

    Arbutus Ridge Farms food is great for get togethers with friends

Vancouver Islanders believe in local. They want to shop, source, and eat locally sourced food.

Local Vancouver Island food products are easy to find on grocery shelves. Shoppers are able to identify Island Good options by looking for the colorful Island Good shelf messaging. As Islanders make more Island Good choices in their shopping, we think increased demand will lead to increased production, more jobs and more production capacity as shopping dollars stay on Vancouver Island to support Island growers, producers and grocers.

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